Valley wide and beyond, we offer peace of mind while you're away. The safety of your home and belongings are just as important to us as they are to you. Not being able to check in on your homes current condition can be stressful
We are here to put your mind at ease!

You can leave your home knowing that we are equipped to handle all situations and will be your advocate while you are away. We have a detailed checklist we follow as we walk your home, including:

We make detailed comments as necessary and will report all findings to you following each visit with current pictures included.

- Walk perimeter of your home
- Check for water or storm damage
- Check for signs of vandalism or trespassing
- Check for visible irrigation leaks, distressed plants and weeds
- Check that irrigation timer has power
- Remove any literature from front doorways and driveways
- Check that pool/spa is being maintained
- Ensure that landscape lighting and exterior coach lights are operational
- Inspect for proper water flow at condensation lines from HVAC system
- Ensure all HOA requirements are being met



- Check all doors and windows to ensure all are locked and secure
- Check for unwanted pests
- Run all faucets
- Flush all toilets
- Run dishwasher and garbage disposal
- Check temperature for refrigerator and freezer
- Run washing machine
- Check water heater and softener for leaks
- Check thermostat for proper operation and setting
- Check air filters and change when needed
- Start golf cart and automobiles to help keep batteries charged and engines running smoothly
- Add salt to water softeners as needed
- Refill water evaporation buckets as needed

Home watch

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